Canvas-918A_5H 150x105cm

VAT included Product available on request. The shipping date is given in the description.

Printed image from your photo-918A_5H 150x105cm

What quality / resolution must the photo have to print on canvas?

Resolution of photo needed for printing:

The file should be sent in 1: 1 scale

Resolution from 100 to 300 dpi

Image resolution and quality (sharpness etc.) are two different subjects.

If you have any questions, write to us. We answer within 24h

Product available on request. The shipping date is given in the description.

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How to prepare a file for printing.

You can print from any format that Adobe Photoshop can read. There are, however, some preferred formats and general rules to follow when preparing files:

Set the image to the correct size, so that it does not need to be scaled, otherwise, be sure to inform about it when placing the order! When scaling, do not reduce the resolution - then you will get a printout with more details.

It is best to save your work in lossless formats: TIFF (uncompressed or LZW) or PSD. The file must have all layers flattened and extra channels and paths removed.

It is possible to print from a JPG file, but remember to If you absolutely want to use the JPG format, always use the highest quality when saving the file. If you only have a JPG file and you are not going to use Photoshop, leave it in this format. Rewriting the file to TIF or PSD format n It will not improve the quality.

Do not artificially raise the resolution in Photoshop, unless you plan to further manipulate the file after this operation, e.g. by sharpening (Sharpen).

Use the RGB color space and work in the Adobe RGB or sRGB profile. Be careful when working in the ProPhoto profile unless you know what you are doing.

It is possible to make prints from CMYK files, but then be sure to contact in advance to discuss the profile for which this file has been prepared . By default, CMYK files are treated as if they were prepared for printing in the ISO Coated v2 (FOGRA39) profile.

A black and white image is best prepared in grayscale, but it can also be RGB, in which each pixel has the same values ​​in each of the three channels.

Files can be 8-bit or 16-bit (but not 32-bit).

Do not use formats: GIF, BMP, EPS, DCS, PDF, PCX.

When saving a Photoshop file, it''s a good idea to include a profile with it, but it''s not necessary. If there is no profile in the file, please provide information whether the image is to be read as Adobe RGB or sRGB.

There are practically no limits for image resolution (number of pixels).

RAW files will be accepted, because they must first be subjected to the so-called "Developed", that is, processed by a suitable program, such as Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. Before this happens, the colors of the image are not clearly defined.

Send files

Send small files via e-mail.

Send larger files via WeTransfer or provide a link to download files e.g. from Google Drive.


Data sheet

Layout of parts

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